Take Me To Banaue

Take Me To Banaue

May 21, 2024 Tue 10am (GMT+08:00) - May 23, 2024 Thu 10pm (GMT+08:00)

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Genre: Romantic Comedy

Main Cast: Hank - Brandon Melo; Grace - Maureen Wroblewitz, Jinky - Thea Tolentino, Jordan - Dylan Rogers


This romantic comedy will surely be a wild ride as we follow Hank in his pursuit to meet the perfect girlfriend who he hopes will soon become his wife. This does not, however, prove very easy when he meets Grace. He thinks they are in love but quickly finds out that Grace is staying with him so that she could get financial help. This misunderstanding leads to some melee in Hank's hotel room, and when Jinky comes to assess the damage to her hotel, she notices some details about Hank that works with her life plan. 

This sets in motion a business negotiation that is halted by Hank’s recent health concerns and his love for Grace. But it is Hank’s friend Jordan who manages to bring an end to a long held colonial idea that Jinky holds dear. When the name of the game is ‘justification,’ we are definitely in for a ride.