Becky and Badette

Becky and Badette

June 12, 2024 Wed 10am (GMT+08:00) - June 14, 2024 Fri 10pm (GMT+08:00)

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Directed By: Jun Lana

Becky and Badette are childhood best friends who both chased big dreams. Becky aimed for singing stardom, Badette for the silver screen. But life had other plans. They now clean high-rises, hustling food on the side. A high school reunion ignites a forgotten spark. Donning outrageous outfits, they arrive naively expecting recognition. Reality stings—they’re not the stars they imagined. A drunken meltdown, caught on camera, goes viral, launching them into unexpected fame and fortune. But their newfound success rests on a shaky foundation— a secret that could destroy their lifelong friendship.