Your Mother's Son

Your Mother's Son

June 13, 2024 Thu 10am (GMT+08:00) - June 15, 2024 Sat 10am (GMT+08:00)

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The relationship between a hard-working mother and her wayward son is challenged when she invites one of her students into their home.
Being a single parent is not an easy task. But Sarah, a schoolteacher, feels she had no choice in the matter. Leaving her physically abusive husband was necessary for her to literally and figuratively go on living.  With a son like Emman though, Sarah has her work cut out for her. 
Although he struggles not to show it, 21-year-old Emman is fiercely possessive of his mother. He gets annoyed—some may even say jealous— when any man takes an interest in her. To make matters worse, Sarah takes in one of her students, Oliver, who also gets beaten up by his own father. Emman feels he is being replaced, and goes out of his way to make sure  that Oliver knows he is most unwelcome. 
As events take a shocking turn, we discover the secrets between mother and son, and we realize that relationships are not always what they seem to be.